Code 3 for the unknown medical.

It’s 3am. Locked gate. Dark house. No hint of movement. We verify with dispatch the address. We’re at the right place.

Engine company arrives. Greetings exchanged. We tell them we’ve been here for 3 minutes now. Lieutenant asks dispatch to call the house.

A middle-aged woman comes out. She didn’t call 911.

“Is everything OK in the house?”

“Yes. It’s just my son in there with me.”

“This is 2525 xxxx Street, right?”


“And there are no other people living at this address? No separate apartments? No separate units?”


The son comes to the door. “I think it’s my ex-girlfriend who called.”

“So it’s a prank call? You don’t need medical assistance?”

“Yes, we’re fine. Thank you.”

“Good night.”

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