Indeed, many of our patients are full of crap for calling 911 for the things they call for, but it doesn’t bother me much. As long as their reasonably nice I’m willing to do anything for them.

What does bother me are my co-workers who call in sick all the time, and you know they’re not sick. It’s always the same people too. Can’t get the day off ahead of time? Just call in sick. Nice day out? Sick. Don’t like the partner you’re working with? Sick. Busy last shift? Sick. Plenty of people don’t even have the decency to give sufficient notice before calling in sick. Quite a few simply don’t show up.

And not a day goes by without someone going home sick mid-shift. Sometimes it’s not even mid-shift. More like mid-hour. The people who are at work end up working harder because fewer units are in service and running calls.

Does my employer do anything about this? No. What employer tolerates this kind of behavior? Clearly it would help if my employer took a stand. That being said, the fact of the matter is simply this: my co-workers lack of any semblence of any sort of work ethic because they’re just lazy and irresponsible. I hate them.

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