Welcome to the ghetto

New medics are assigned to work with older medics for at least a few months. One such partner I had a few months ago finished his field training in a very nice part of the county. Then, his first shift on his own, he works with me, in the worst part of the county.

We pick up this crazy woman at the transit station, and she’s cool. My partner is driving us to the hospital. The patient wants to pee. I tell her she can wait 5 minutes until we’re at the hospital. Nope. She gets up off the gurney, takes her pants off, and squats between the gurney and the bench. She pees on the ambulance floor. Well, she had left her fuzzy slippers on the floor, so she’s also peeing on her slippers, which she puts back on when we get to the hospital.

I sigh and pick up our portable equipment off the floor. I see my partner’s eyes in the rearview mirror; he’s puzzled.

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