I was told that the Schiavo “incident” brought end-of-life issues into the national spotlight, but then again it’s easier to Monday-morning-quarterback somebody else’s end-of-life issues than to do anything about your own end-of-life issues. Kinda like what I’m doing now.

Terminal cancer patient in her 80s. Asystole. Hospital bed, diapered, gastric tube, even mortuary arrangements. But no DNR. Legwarmers and spandex have a better chance of coming back than she does.

Family at first says they don’t want anything done. They clearly expected her death and have come to terms with it. Then they say they don’t want her to be shocked, not that that was going to happen, but they want other things done. Then some want us to do what we can. Some don’t. No agreement. OK, we’ll be in the next room running the code while you guys make up your minds. In the meantime, someone please catch her dignity before it leaps out the window.

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