Not-so-sweet dreams

Code 3 for the unknown.

Apparently this man called because his healthy 7-year-old son woke up from sleep scared and screaming, and this concerned father called 911.  And he insisted on the ambulance transport. Since the powers-that-be who run all facets of healthcare are fearful of liability, we transported by ALS ambulance this boy who had a nightmare to the ED.

2 thoughts on “Not-so-sweet dreams”

  1. You know, I wish this was unusual, but I have taken a couple of nightmares to the ED lately. 120/70, 70, 16. But yeah, they insisted on going to the ED…and yes…it was the farthest ED…

  2. This didn’t happen to me, but a former partner of mine – he got a call for a (4) week old with difficulty breathing. He said when he got there the baby was breathing just fine. The young mom called because she said her baby’s face turned deep-dark red and began grunting. My former partner first question was “did you change her?” Of course not, and she requested transport to the ER for an evaluation.

    If you don’t know the basic skills of parenting, don’t have a baby.

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