Samaritan morbidity

Vehicle accident on the freeway in the dead of night. A car into the center divider, a man in the driver seat, a woman outside on the ground, and just behind them, another involved car with no injuries.

It turns out the man, very drunk, drove his car into the center divider on the empty freeway, and then nobody drove by for at least several minutes until the woman came upon the crash. She pulled over on the right shoulder, ran across 4 freeway lanes to help him, and promptly got hit by another car that somehow failed to see the car stuck on the divider.

The Good Samaritan tried to assist the man inconsiderate enough to drive drunk and was hit by the another person inconsiderate enough to be inattentive on an empty freeway. Very selfless, but not exactly very wise. Pretty sure she didn’t get flowers from those idiots.

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