The other right

We’re going up a main street code 3. I’m driving. Everyone moves to the right. Well, everyone except this one car in the left lane who chooses to stop right there. In front of us. Blocking us.

I could drive around this car on the right, but you never know when these idiots wise up and realize they should be moving to the right. Well, should’ve moved to the right. Like before we’re right behind them. At night our lights are very conspicuous. It would suck if the driver decides to move to the right as we’re passing them on the right. Unbelievable amount of paperwork. Especially after I crack the driver’s head open with a portable oxygen tank.

So, we just stop right behind the car, lights and the siren FULLY ON, and we sit there. You know, trying to make a point. This goes on for a good 15 seconds.

Perhaps my partner M is a little bit cranky. The next thing I hear is her passenger door opening – she’s getting out. She’s probably dying to chew someone out. I reach over and grab her arm, and pinch her inadvertently in the process.


“Get back in. Don’t be silly.”

I’m not afraid that anything’s going to happen to her if she goes up to the car and gives the occupants a piece of her mind. In fact, I think it’s going to be pretty funny to watch. But I also think people eventually realize the difference between left and right. And we should at least try to maintain some good public relations.

The car pulls to the right.

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