Trabajo tomorrow

Code 3 for the auto accident.

Car vs. fence in front of a house. Starred windshield on the driver side with blood and hair mashed into the glass. No driver. Homeowner says the driver walked off; he points in the direction of flight.

Normally we’re happy to go canceled and go available, but this time we’re bored so we go cruise around the block to see if we can find the man. Two blocks out, a man walking along ducks behind a street sign, literally like what you see in a cartoons, except the sign pole is of course 2 inches in diameter so it looks like this street sign has a body and legs.

Spanish-speaking man, no driver’s license, no insurance. Nice guy. Big gash on his forehead, still bleeding, blood all over his shirt. He doesn’t want to go to the hospital because he has to work the next day. I’m not sure why people are so up in arms with immigrants, illegal or not. I know I’m not THAT hardworking. And if once in a blue moon a patient was actually employed, work never stopped him or her from going to the hospital for a stubbed toe. In fact, we should replace the many, many lazy legal citizens with these hardworking illegal immigrants.

He thanks us profusely, and sheepishly. And he walks off.

2 thoughts on “Trabajo tomorrow”

  1. You must have a different flavor of illegals in your area. New Mexico illegals are anything but honest and hardworking.

  2. But of course there are many different places an immigrant can derive from. Let’s just say that the closer the person is to the equator, the more “unjust the weather may be”.

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