Don’t piss off the dog

We’re at a psych call. Before we arrived, the officers had to taser this extremely combative crazy dude because he reached for an officer’s gun and they put him in the “wrap” – a very extensive restraint system. The whole time we’re there, he’s yelling all sorts of insults and obscenities at everybody, especially the officers, of course. People are such assholes.

At least his family, who called for help, doesn’t agree with him, for a change. Usually everybody hates cops; even the people who summon the cops, especially in a ghetto like this. Cops must have the most thankless job by far; medics are not far behind.

He is restrained further on the gurney, and wheeled towards the ambulance. We pass a K-9 unit parked among a half dozen regular human police units. This car is shaking violently. The dog inside is furious, presumably with this dude and all the commotion he’s caused, and it’s barking its head off.

“Hey, let’s let the dog in the ambulance with this guy and leave them alone!”

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