Code 3 for chest pain at the gas station that we’ve been to a thousand times. It’s 3am.

A BLS truck company is already as we pull in with the ALS engine company. It’s a regular, a frequent flyer, as usual.

“I’m sick.”

“Uh huh. Where do you want to go? Get in.”

Back doors of the ambulance are open.

“I can’t get in.”

“You’ve done it in a million times before. Get in!”

He gets in.

We arrive at his hospital of choice, which is also the farthest one, of course. The staff sees him; they’re not happy.

“Just put him in the lobby.”

One thought on “Mileage”

  1. Hi! I’m a paramedic from Poland… I was sure that i’m living in a paramedic shithole but when I’m reading your writings I feel better- now I know that even in USA you have to wrestle with all that bullshitty calls. Best regards and good luck!!

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