Ponch and John

We’re at a police station for a young man in custody.

“He had a seizure and hit his head. That’s how he got the cut on his nose.”

“Why’s he in custody anyway?”

“Oh he stole a squad car during a traffic stop. We had to chase him for like a half hour. He had the lights and sirens going the whole time, and he was talking into the radio, saying all sorts of nonsense, like ‘Roger Roger Roger,’ ’10-4 10-4.'”

We’re having a bit of fun with this one.

“Suuuuuurrrrre he hit his head…” Little bunny ears and exaggerated winks accompanying the words “hit his head.”

“You know, this would never happen to Ponch and John.”

“They’re motorcycle cops.”

These cops have no sense of humor.

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