Car seats for druggies

Code 3 for abdominal pain in the parking lot of a fast food chain. Fast food chain. Nothing good will come of this.

Engine company is there, and according to them, the patient was being driven to the hospital by her husband when their car broke down. She’s got a drug seeker’s look, and I know she’s full of shit. Anyway, she is placed in the ambulance, and we take a leisurely ride to the hospital while I ignore her shuffling and begging for pain medications.

The triage nurse does the intake, and goes off searching for a bed, this being a public hospital. Some time later, he returns with the other triage nurse, wondering why the patient’s name is in the computer twice. It turns out, this patient was not on her way to the hospital when her car broke down as she claims. She had been in this same hospital’s waiting room and didn’t want to wait anymore, so she was on her way FROM this hospital going to another one when her car broke down. Jackass.

To top things off, she just would not sit still on the gurney despite the repeated requests to sit still. There are only two types of people who can’t sit still on a gurney – drug addicts and drug addicts. Children behave better on gurneys than these people. She even takes off her seat belts. I am not doing paperwork because her dumbass fell off the gurney. Two police officers and a lot of screaming later, she’s finally sitting still.

And then for some unknown reason, the triage nurses actually find her a bed in the hallway instead of throwing her out in the waiting room where she deserves to be. They’re going soft.

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