Food trouble

We need something to munch on, so we order some deep fried wontons from the Chinese restaurant that we frequent. Now, wontons are basically a kind of dumpling, with filling made of meat or veggies or both. So, by extension, deep fried wontons are pretty self-explanatory.

As soon as we phone the order in, we get a call. Another silly call, but that’s beside the point. We finally get around to picking up the food after closing time, and we should’ve just left the food there.

Turns out, for whatever reason, what they list as deep fried wontons in the menu are – at least at this particular Chinese restaurant – deep fried wonton skins. No filling. Just a bunch of deep fried dough, basically. I suspect somebody (probably some non-Chinese person) ordered deep fried wontons once but had actually wanted deep fried wonton skins and was appalled to find filling in the wontons. And then pitched a bitch fit, as many people are apt to do.

I know for a fact that if a Chinese restaurant in China pulled this shit, it would be burned down in a heartbeat by its customers, and then the Communist government would then hunt down and execute every single family member and relative of anyone who works at this restaurant. That’s like ordering a hamburger at a burger joint and being served hamburger buns. And now I’m hungry! AARRGGHHH!!!

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