Code 2 for psychiatric problems.

The officers have a subject cuffed in their car. This guy, 6′ 7″, calls because he’s out of his medications, and wants to go to the county psychiatric facility. Many people call because they’re out of their medications and they can’t afford them, and there are free medications at the facility.

Apparently he also asked the small female officer (whom I would not mess with anyway even if she’s small) if he needed to choke her to get sent to the psychiatric facility. So she promptly manhandled him and stuffed him in their car.

Mr. Congeniality now has all his extremities restrained to the gurney, and he wants to know why he’s restrained. One thing I’ve noticed working with all sorts of different people, crazy or not, is that no one seems to have a very good grasp of cause and effect.

“Next time you want your meds refilled, you take the bus to a pharmacy, not threaten to choke a police officer.”

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