Tones go off. I wake up. So does the rest of the station. It’s 5am. Still dark outside.

“Attention XX Fire! This will be a traffic accident in District X, for Engine X and Engine Y to respond, at… Map page… Tac 2 response.”

“Engine X responding.”

“Engine X, RP states this is a vehicle vs. bicycle, and the bicyclist is lying on the ground.”


“Engine X, PD on scene stating this is a leg injury.”

“Copy. Cancel Engine Y.”


A young man in his 20s is sitting on the curb with some cuts and swelling to his ankle and shin. Nothing’s dangling or anything like that. He was riding across the street in the crosswalk when a pick-up turning right hit him, rolling over his foot.

“Why don’t you have a helmet, dude?”

“I only wear it during the day.”


“Nobody’s gonna hit me at night. Nobody’s around when it’s dark.”

“And what do you think just happened this dark morning?”

“Um… yeah…”

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