Tough criminals

Criminals like to lie; it’s not a surprise. But did you know that when they get arrested, criminals like to claim some sort of medical problem and leave officers with no choice but to bring them for medical evaluations at hospitals, wasting everybody’s time?

Now the officers have to babysit them for hours instead of being in circulation responding to calls for police service while these criminals get cleared at the hospital by physicians who instead could be treating other non-criminals at these very overcrowded hospitals before bringing them to jails, which for liability reasons, turn away people with the smallest of problems, even though they have some medical staff on duty.

One officer told me that he had to bring some guy he just arrested to the hospital because he had a hangnail.


“Department policies.”

“Hangnail? Really?”

“If he’s complaining about it. Gotta cover my ass. And the department’s collective ass.”

Sometimes the medical problem a criminal makes up requires the officers to request EMS. You know we LOVE these calls. More people’s time being wasted. Of course, if I’m at one of these calls, that just means I’m not at some other person’s house for the week-long ‘flu or at the payphone for the homeless dude who has chest pain that’s cured by a hospital sandwich. Pick your poison, they say.

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  1. I actually got our medical command doctor to say EMS isn’t needed and it was up to police either transport the patient to the hospital or whatever else they wanted. It was pretty funny when I told the cop the doctor said it wasn’t our problem….

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