Too many babies

Usually, when someone is about to give birth, there is a lot of planning that goes into it. Dry runs to the hospital with family members, tours of the L&D wing, check in with the OB/Gyn doc, etc.

Now, in the poor parts of town, why go through all that trouble when you can just pack your bags and call 911 when you – correctly or incorrectly – think that you’re about to go into labor? Unlike your baby-daddy, the medics will get you to the hospital. The medics will get you to the right floor within the hospital. Besides, the medics don’t require cash on the spot like cabs and buses do. And when you get there, the staff will call your doctor for you. You don’t need to do anything at all. All you need to do is, after the baby is born, call 911 when it spits up milk. But that’s another story.

We issue driving licenses and still, look how many problems, inappropriate behavior and illegal activities are associated with them. It’s only logical that getting pregnant is regulated on some level. There are always a bunch of people who are against abortion for whatever reason, so why not restrict pregnancy? Fines and community service make a lot of sense, and they can partially offset all the money that is spent on all these unnecessary pregnancies and child care issues and all of their associated financial implications.

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