There are no stupid questions

One of the dumbest questions that I come across on a regular basis is actually something nurses like to ask when we get to the ED.

“When did they call you?” Referring to when patients called 911 for medical assistance.

Well, obviously, the answer is, without fail, pretty much just before we arrived at the ED. Is there another answer? Just what do they think we do after we show up at someone’s house for a medical call? Put the patient in the ambulance and go watch a movie? Or do they think we need a few hours to arrive on scene after the 911 call?

Based on my dealings with them, nurses, even ones that work in EDs, generally have a poor grasp of EMS, much like the general public.

2 thoughts on “There are no stupid questions”

  1. They used to ask me that. Then one Thursday morning, around 0230, I responded “Well, actually, it was Monday, but we decided to go fishing first.”

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