Little things matter

I’m putting Red Dots on the chest of this tiny little lady for a 12-lead. She speaks no English at all, but she motioned earlier that she has chest pain of some sort, and it appeared quite tender when I touched it.

I turn away for a moment or two, and my partner starts to move toward her to snap the leads onto the Red Dots, and she sort of pushes his hand away, motioning that she is worried that the snapping motion is going to cause her pain.

He mentions this to me, and I sigh.

“Gimme that.”

I very gently snap all 6 leads on without causing her any pain.

At first, I’m a little annoyed – does she think we’re brutes or monsters or animals who are going to push down on her chest on purpose knowing that her chest hurt? But then I realize, there are indeed crews like that who are not very much into little details like that.

Our work is very detail-oriented, and it sometimes involves a lot of finesse in many senses of the word, but too often, sadly, when watching other crews, I find myself wondering, “What the fuck are these guys doing?”

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