Men will hump anything

Code 2 for psychiatric. 3am. Groan.

This very short, wide woman is sitting on her bed. Not a terribly dirty house. Her months-old baby is asleep in the middle of the bed. No crib in sight.

“I have post-partum depression. I want to go to the hospital.”

“OK. No actual suicide attempts?”


Nice of her to have to go the hospital now.

“I want to bring the baby with me.”

Uh, first of all, this is not a family vacation. Secondly, the baby is a big part of the reason for your depression.

“Is that necessary?”

“Well, my mother can’t take care of the baby and my other son.”

She has another kid? Who is making babies with these people? Besides, her mother can’t handle 2 kids? My grandmother had 6 boys. I had a friend in high school who had 12 siblings. ARGH!

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