Wait your turn

Code 3 for the unknown. In the ED waiting room. Yes, the ED waiting room. It seems to happen every day.

“What’s up?” As the dirt bag-looking patient approaches. He looks fine.

“Man, this is bullshit. I’ve been waiting here a long time. Take me to another hospital!”

Funny – I’m thinking of something else that’s bullshit too.

“What, not even a please?”

He gives me a look. I look straight back at him.


“Look, sir, they obviously put you in the waiting room because they have sicker people than you to take care of. What makes you think the next hospital is not going to put you in the waiting room again?”


“Besides, here, you at least have sort of a ‘number,’ so to speak. You go to another hospital, you’re going to the back of the line.”


He walks away and sits back down, muttering to himself.

I’m not sure I even bothered to ask why he was in the ED to begin with.

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