What I really want

I don’t know why I never thought of this before.

At an assault call, the responding police officer is taking a report from everyone involved, and he’s finishing up with the patient/victim.

“Sir, do you want to press charges?”


“Do you want him to go to jail?”

Even though I’ve been to so many assault calls that I wouldn’t care if I didn’t go to another one, it dawned on me suddenly that there was something funny about that, especially since we’re always trying to entertain ourselves to stave off insanity, even if it’s with the silliest things. I spoke.

“Hey, I have a question – if I was the victim and you asked me that question, can I say, ‘No, I want him put to death instead. Like right here, on the spot.’?”

It made everyone smile. The officer certainly thought it was funny. But, I will admit that if you’re an outsider, this may make no sense to you.

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