Oh deer

There was a news item from Queens, NY about a good Samaritan who had no other good Samaritans to help him.

Shortly after that, I saw a video about a dog, dodging vehicles, rescuing another dog by itself off a highway in Chile.

Which then reminded me of a rather unexpected call.

We’re responding code 3 for an auto-ped. At night.

From a few hundred feet away we can see several cars stopped in the roadway in a wide, quiet hilly road with a dozen people standing around.

“This can’t be good.”

We’re on scene alone. I get out, and there’s a baby deer in the road, clearly injured. Someone put a piece of clothing over its head so it wouldn’t try to get up.

“Is there an actual human being injured here?”


We cancel the fire department, and PD arrives. A sergeant happens to be in the area and shows up as well. We find out that someone first found the deer injured in the road and called animal control, which isn’t exactly an emergency service that is going to show up on cue – something these people don’t understand. Several more vehicles stopped to help. So after waiting a while and getting tired of waiting, someone got the bright idea to report it as if a human was the victim. And it took us 3 minutes to get there.

Now I’m egging the sergeant on, half-annoyed that someone made this false 911 call.

“Hey, you gonna cite someone?”

“I want to.”

Anyway, these people are clearly nice people, otherwise they would not have stopped to help this baby deer. However, I have to gently explain to them that we are not about to transport a baby deer to the trauma center, no matter how much their hearts are aching. A lady then volunteers to drive the baby deer to the 24-hour vet, which another person has found via mobile phone.

We’re not heartless bastards, contrary to what you may have read at this site, so we use a large cardboard splint to pick up the baby deer and carry it to the lady’s car, which is a brand-new Mercedes. By the way, baby deers are heavier than you would imagine.

“You can put it in the back.”

“Err… hang on… let me get some more blankets so it doesn’t bleed all over your upholstery.”

“Oh, thanks.”

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