Abby won’t mug me ***UPDATED

Sixteen-year-old Abby Sunderland has been rescued.

Her little incident in the Indian Ocean has set off a barrage of criticism, mostly directed at her parents’ decision to allow her to sail around the world alone in an attempt to be the youngest person to do so.

Meanwhile, at work we witness up close and personal countless other children and teenagers – lacking any notion of parental supervision – doing drugs, binge-drinking, dropping out of school, car-surfing, shooting, stealing, robbing, having babies… shall I continue?

So, yeah, Sunderlands, really terrible parenting, allowing Abby to be self-sufficient and do something productive with her life. I’d like to think that she’ll grow up just fine.

***Update #1:

Just got my car stolen. So, I’m totally standing by my sentiments in this post.

***Update #2:

I found my car in the neighborhood, about 36 hours after the theft. So obvious it was a bunch of kids who took it for a joyride. I’m repeating my sentiments in this post.

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