Backboards are comfy

Code 3 for a vehicle accident. PD requests 3 ambulances.

It appears that Car #1 struck a parked Car #2. Not a huge wreck. The driver of Car #1 gets packaged and sent to the ED. There are 2 women in Car #2, and we work on getting them immobilized to backboards. A man standing on the sidewalk nearby approaches us and tells them that he was in Car #2 too and now has neck pain. So, we start packaging him as well.

It’s difficult to keep track of everyone on wrecks, especially if it’s on a ghetto street with literally a hundred people standing around watching. It seems like there are cops everywhere. It seems like there are firefighters everywhere. It seems like there are paramedics and EMTs everywhere. At some point – and I don’t know why or how – the driver of Car #2 either hears or sees something, and she speaks up.

“I don’t know who that man is.”

She is pointing at the man who said he was in her car.

“Really? Are you sure?”

“I am sure! He was not in my car! I don’t even know him! It’s just me and my friend in the car.”

“That’s weird. He says he was in your car.”

“No! I don’t know him! This is making me crazy, you guys saying that man was in my car!”

This is strange. Usually people hop on buses after they wreck, hoping to get some cash from the transit agency. But a private car? Besides, backboards are not uncomfortable at all.

So we interrogate this guy, and he finally admits that he wasn’t in the car. We unstrap him.

“Get up! Get the fuck out of here! What’s wrong with you?”

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