Cut finger, yet again

Code 3 for bleeding.

A minute later, I look at the screen, and it says “21A1, 30/F cut finger.”

This is an alpha call, which in a normal world would be code 2 for everyone. Actually, in an ideal world, the call-taker would simply say, “Act like a grown-up and take care of it yourself.” But because of some strange politics at the fire departments, calls are rarely reduced to code 2 until someone gets there despite the use of MPDS. Don’t ask me why.

I look over, “Hey, please do not wreck driving to this.”

“Yup, we’re driving very safely.”

I really like being able to read call notes.

We get there in 5 minutes – and that’s plenty fast – and fire’s already there. This woman cut her thumb while cutting an orange. There’s exactly one piece of tissue paper with some blood on it. There’s no blood anywhere near the cutting board or the orange. The cut is so superficial it’s not even funny.

Fire handles it. We meet them outside.

“We’ll be back when she washes her hand and the cut starts bleeding again.”

“I know, that’s why I told her not to wash it for at least an hour.”

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