4 thoughts on “Fuck off, CNN”

  1. Just what health care needs, a tutorial on how to be an obnoxious patient and throw your weight around at the hospital. Good thing no one pays any attention to CNN anymore.

  2. Only 4 hour wait? Seriously I would love a 4 hour wait since reality is more like 24 hours. Having worked the ER here’s some real rules of the ER:
    1. We are NOT first come first served! If you want that then go to a fast food joint.
    2. Having to wait is a good thing- it means you’re not going to die in the next 5 minutes.
    3. The more you annoy us and the bigger an ass you are the longer you wait.
    4. It’s called an EMERGENCY room for a reason. If you’re not spraying blood across the room, have a bone sticking out, can talk in full sentences and still have a pulse- you’re probally not an emergency!
    5. In the same mindset of #4: hangnails, bad dreams, drunkeness, flu are NOT emergencies. Use common sense and stay home.
    6. Niceness goes a long ways. So does patience.
    7. Unless you have a medical license or degree don’t argue about why the little old lady with backpain was sent back before you. If you do have a medical license then why didn’t you fix it yourself or come work here and help us out?
    8. If you’re diabetic then bring something to eat with you. It’s not our job to feed you.
    9. Unless the kid is sick don’t bring your children with you. We have enough crybabies without having to listen to them. Also watch and disciplene your brats.

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