I dub thee…

From what I’ve read so far, the Chronicles of EMS crew – Ted Setla, Justin Schorr and Mark Glencorse (and I’m sure others) – is running a Name the Show contest for a new tag line for the show because TV executives apparently do not like the original name for some reason. Instead of “Chronicles of EMS – The Reality Series,” it’s going to be “Chronicles of EMS – The New Tag Line.” So please go to the CoEMS site and submit your ideas.

I really like the CoEMS concept, but I’m a little confused about what it is that these executives think is wrong with the original name. Are these the same Hollywood types that:

  • Literally created the Jay Leno-Conan O’Brien saga?
  • Produced Gigli, Police Academy 24, etc.?
  • Canceled Arrested Development, Family Guy (the first time), etc.?
  • Gave us all these trashy daytime talk show and inane reality shows?

I submitted my blog’s tagline as my entry: “You call, we haul.”

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