He’s got stuff to do

Code 3 for a fall. On a bus. Fucking bus. I hate bus calls.

PD is already there. Fire arrives and I tell them we got it.

An old Chinese man was on the bus and fell when the bus braked suddenly. He has a lump on his head. He speaks maybe 5 words of English, and thankfully “yes,” “no” and “hospital” were among those words. He absolutely does not want to go to the hospital.

Well, the bus is out of service now, of course, and a very nice transit supervisor shows up. He tries to tell the old man that he’ll let him on the next bus for free so he can get to wherever he’s going. (I don’t want to make any assumptions, but this old Chinese man is going to Chinatown, 12 blocks down.) But since none of these words are among the 5 words that he understands, he absolutely does not want to get off the bus, probably because he thinks we’re kicking him off the bus for daring to fall down, since – believe it or not – some people still have a concept of shame.

This is kind of funny because most people in this town – young or old, able-bodied or not – would want to go the hospital for a stupid fall like this to try to get some cash from the transit agency, any plans for the day be damned, and it’s pretty easy for us when they simply get on our gurney. Whereas this old man, being tough and just wanting to get on with the rest of his day, simply would not get off the bus, even though the transit supervisor is going to get him on the next bus for free.

Finally, after about 15 minutes of all of us wildly gesticulating in vain at the old man, the transit supervisor finally says to the driver, “Just drive him down there, and then go back to the depot.”

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