Driving is dangerous because of other drivers

I’m in an unmarked agency car, coasting towards a red light not far away because, well, it’s red. It means stop, or so I thought.

Some woman in a giant SUV drives right up to what seems like the back of my neck, whips around me into the lane to my right. Asshole.

What is it with people who speed up to red lights and stop signs only to stomp on their brake pedals? How stupid can people really be?

Well, like most SUV drivers, her vehicle is far too large for her to handle. As she slows heavily for the red light and the stopped traffic, her passenger-side mirror takes out the driver-side mirror of a stationary bus with a loud “crack,” one more lane to the right.

I am annoyed. In fact, annoyed enough that I stop my car beyond hers after she pulls over, get out, and walk 200 feet back to the bus. I hand the driver my number and offer to speak to his supervisors if this woman denies she was at fault.

The woman eventually walks over to the bus and is actually contrite, but that does not change the fact that she is driving a vehicle too large and wide for her skill level and the clear lack of patience in her temperament. These are the people who cause accidents. Well, I mean, she just did.

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