Objectively speaking, breast implants look ridiculous when you’re 60, no matter how good they look when you first got them. And it is not fun to be trying to throw the left breast over the shoulder while attempting an EKG.

4 thoughts on “Vanity”

  1. I did a 12-Lead on a 94 YOF with a complaint of chest pain. I went through my typical explanation: “I have to expose you slightly but I will cover you up in a second…” but this time I didn’t get the typical “okay, no big deal; do what you have to do” response….

    “I have fake titties. In fact, they are big titties. And I’d like HIM to do it if you don’t mind. He’s my cup of tea.”

    The look on my partner’s face was priceless; a true Kodak moment.

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