Big Government is bad…

…even if it’s good for everyone.

Check out CNN’s little piece about the Japanese fighting obesity. (It’s an older clip, and I can’t get it embedded.) In short, the Japanese government proactively attempts to get people to avoid being overweight.

If people were thinner:

  • Our collective EMS back would hurt less.
  • They’d be happier and healthier.
  • They’d live longer.
  • They’d be more productive.
  • They’d see their doctors less.
  • They’d take less medications.
  • They’d call EMS less.
  • They’d go to the ED less.
  • They’d produce and raise healthier children. (And we start at the top of this list again.)

But, as I’m reminded over and over again, around here, we have a “free country” and people have a right to weigh 800 pounds if they so choose. You know, I’m constantly amused to hear what people think they have a right to do. One time, someone told me that landlords have the “constitutional right to charge whatever rent they want.”


  • Japan’s life expectancy: 82.6
  • USA’s life expectancy: 78.2 (38th, behind Cuba, the country everyone loves to criticize)

3 thoughts on “Big Government is bad…”

  1. Sure Americans have the right to get to 800 pounds. But if they feel the government shouldn’t interfere and keep them from getting fat, then I feel the government shouldn’t interfere and provide them with free medical care when they develop diabetes, heart disease, kidney failure, CHF, and need knee replacements. If they’re free to make themselves that way, then they’re free to deal with it with no help from the government.

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