Dear politicians

Dear politicians,

I happened to attend a small 9/11 memorial yesterday. It is staggeringly disappointing to hear praise for emergency services personnel for “their sacrifice,” “dedication,” and “courage” coming out of the mouths of people like you who are busily doing everything to cut our budgets and reduce our staffing levels in order to find someone – anyone but yourselves – to blame for your mismanagement of public money. You do not deserve to attend such memorials.

You speak of the dependence of communities on responders who hesitate not one moment when the need arises in this modern era of ever-increasing threats while telling these same communities that they are no less safe with fewer personnel on duty.

You speak of the sorrow we all feel for those who selflessly sacrifice their health and their lives for the good of the people they serve and protect while putting up one obstacle after another to make it more difficult for us to do our jobs safely and effectively.

You speak of your desire to represent your constituents who overwhelmingly express their preference for not seeing any reductions in public safety staffing while doing exactly the opposite.

The rank and file of emergency services have NOT in the past, do NOT currently and will NOT in the future make any budgetary decisions at all. You need to put your hands up and take the blame for the budget deficits like the honest and honorable people that you are not.

That being said, I am not optimistic that you will do the right thing.



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