Destination decisions

“I want to go to <insert basic ED here>.”

“No, you have a gunshot wound to the torso. They don’t have the equipment or the capabilities to take care of you at <insert said ED here>. We’re taking you to <insert trauma center here>.”

“No! I go to <insert said ED here>. My doctor’s there!”

“No, your doctor is not going to drop everything and see you and your gunshot wound. And your hospital will (a) yell at us for taking you there, and (b) turn around and transfer you to <insert said trauma center here> right away. So let’s save a trip and go directly to <insert said trauma center here>.”

“If you take me to <insert said trauma center here>, I will sue you!”

“So sue me. We’re going there anyway.

“Let me off this gurney! I’m driving myself!”


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