Kenneth Stokes is an idiot ***UPDATED

In the EMS world, Kenneth Stokes, from now on, will be known for all kinds of stupidity pouring out of his mouth when he opens it.

He’s upset because an ambulance crew staged while the cops were delayed to a shooting during which someone was injured. Around here, a similar incident happened in which the cops were searching for the active shooter before allowing the EMS crews on the scene. Ignoramuses were pissed, of course.

“You can’t let citizens die or sit here wounded because you’re saying you’re not safe,” said Jackson Ward Three Councilman Kenneth Stokes.

Stokes has sparked outrage from the public and emergency medical professionals with his call for AMR to end its contract with the city if first responders don’t provide immediate care upon arriving at a scene.

Anyway, good luck to you, Councilman, on finding that EMS agency that explicitly allows its unarmed crews to wander into non-secured scenes without law enforcement.

In the meantime, we’re here to safely manage other people’s emergencies. Emergencies that we did not cause. I’m fairly certain we probably can’t manage anyone’s emergency effectively with a gun shot wound or two, contrary to what Hollywood says.


The idiot Stokes is standing firm.

More criticism directed at Stokes. So far he hasn’t even found one EMS manager who would not disagree with him, so once again, good luck to him on finding that agency who’s going to do what he wants.

Hilarious cartoon here. (From Future Ditch Doctor.)

8 thoughts on “Kenneth Stokes is an idiot ***UPDATED”

  1. Listen, if you won’t give your life–or at the least be mortally wounded–while trying to save someone’s life, you’d best get out of the business! EMS is about dying for our dying patients. That way they don’t die alone. Nobody wants to die alone.

    Wait, that doesn’t sound right at all…

    1. I agree with christopher the cop. What if the “EMT’s” over seas waited for it to be “SAFE” wed have allot of wounded soliders who would have never made it home. Just beacuse in acouple cases the people who risk there lives got shot too. Yah lets have them wait 2 years till its safe to go back for them. overseas or not EMT’s are supposed to risk there lives for us, how would you like to be shot and have too wait an hour beause 1 crazy peice of sh*t is in the area. if thats the case Your going to have to leave the states b/c if u ask me nowhere is safe.

        1. Not to mention the obvious problem with this analogy. With the assumption that “EMTs ‘overseas'”=military medics, Kristopher misse sone pretty damn big point. The bunch of people (hopefully) on your side with automatic weapons. Not to mention the medics weapon and the armor/arty/CAS

  2. One of my buddies is a medic, and when I first read that story, I thought “how damn dumb can Stokes be?” Then I realized that this is the same man that thinks curtailing the construction of convenience stores will have a positive effect on the crime rate in Jackson.

    This is not mere stupidity, but the man doubles down on stupid.

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