Married too long?

Code 3 for the unconscious male. At a doctor’s office.

A male in his 60s is sitting in a chair in the waiting room, leaning to one side, seemingly unable to sit up straight. He is clearly having a stroke.

The receptionist called 911. A doctor pokes his head out into the waiting room where we are and quickly ducks back inside, clearly wanting no part of this.

His wife is in a wheelchair. It was her doctor’s appointment at this office. I’m trying to pin down an accurate time for the onset of this event.

“When was he last seen normal?”

“Around 2 o’clock.”

Something’s weird about this time frame.

“Err… it’s 3:30. You didn’t talk to him the whole time you two were here? When did he last say anything?”

“About 2:15pm.”

“So, did he seem sick? Did he say anything about him not feeling well?”

“He started to lean to the side around 2.”

“Did you go in for your appointment yet?”

“Yes, I went in at 2:45 and came out at 3:15, and he looked the same. They called because he started to fall out of the chair.”

I guess couples do run out of stuff to talk about.

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