She’s only wishing him good health

Have you heard of Miriam Leverington?

Apparently, she’s a nurse who may have been, oh, a little bit impolite to the cop who pulled her over.

Never a wise move.

When Miriam Leverington, a cardiac nurse in Colorado Springs, was stopped for speeding, she grumbled to the police officer.

“I hope you are not ever my patient,” she reportedly told him.

So she’s a cardiac nurse. I wonder if she was going to the cath lab like the speeding-but-not-contrite Yvonne B. Singletary.

Anyway, one thing leads to another, and she was fired from the hospital where she had worked.

Her comment can be interpreted many different ways, to be honest. Maybe she simply meant well and hoped he would never have heart trouble. But I digress.

The funny thing about this is that over the years I’ve heard from many cops who say they are particularly nice to the medics and nurses precisely because of the possibility of them being patients themselves.

Doctors, for some reason, don’t really get mentioned.

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