Surprise – Slater and JetBlue part ways

So Steven Slater no longer works for JetBlue. No one saw that coming.

For those of you who missed this piece of news – and there are probably very few of you who missed it – Slater is the flight attendant who, after getting bonked on the head by a disobedient passenger’s luggage who then cussed him out, told her to go fuck herself or something like that over the PA before deploying the emergency evacuation slide and making his now-infamous exit.

The cops apparently later sent an entire battalion of officers to arrest him, dangerous criminal that he is, at his Queens home. Slow day, I suppose?

Naturally, there are a lot of people who are sympathetic to his situation. All kinds of people are chiming in about how the world is full of assholes who like to abuse folks who work in the service industry as if they were second-class citizens. (I was very nice to the United folks, even if I did write that big ol’ post on how they kept screwing me over.) Many people are wondering why the rude passenger wasn’t arrested herself, since it was apparent she disobeyed at least a couple of instructions from the flight crew, a violation of federal law, not to mention somehow causing the small but obvious injury to Slater’s head. That includes me.

Interestingly, for those of you who fly enough, airline passengers are not unlike ambulance passengers. Both groups can be described as, for lack of a better phrase, a bunch of fucking jackasses. The striking difference, however, is that airline passengers tend to not include, for instance, indigent substance abusers who have lived very hard lives, not that that should be an excuse for their behavior. Why do people feel that they can behave in such a way that, in other settings, would quickly draw a deserved punch to the mouth?

Even though I’m not known for rash decisions, sometimes I really do fear that I myself might say or do something untoward the next time someone asks me a thousand times to “get” her “purse.”

Or when a family member keeps asking us to “cover” a patient “with a blanket” when we’re carrying the 350-lb whale who’s complaining all the way down the stairs, or worse, when a family member physically approaches and tries to cover the patient with a blanket, while we’re doing everything we can to not drop him.

It’s a strange state of affairs when it’s not belligerence or combativeness that I think would push me over the edge, but rather it’s the little annoying things.

What do you think will set you off?

4 thoughts on “Surprise – Slater and JetBlue part ways”

  1. It will be someone sitting on my stretcher with their legs crossed. That is one of my buttons… I swear, I grit my teeth just thinking about it.

  2. A patient who isn’t sitting still. Even when we’re not moving the stretcher, I can’t stand it when they wiggle and move while we’re out rolling them into the ambulance or into the hospital.

  3. Drunk ass hole that calls every time I work and answers the door naked. It’s not like he doesn’t know we are on our way…

  4. The whiners that say they can’t walk and I ask them how they have been going to the bathroom and they say, “well, I can make it to the bathroom,” so I tell ’em, “good, then you can make it to the ambulance.”

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