There is Power in a Union by Philip Dray

I noticed a book review somewhere and this one, There is Power in a Union: The Epic Story of Labor in America, by historian Philip Dray, looks interesting.

Funny timing too, since for months around here we’ve been getting both libeled and slandered by the politicians trying to avoid putting their hands up and taking the blame for the fiscal mess that they themselves created. That in turn has led to the typically ignorant segment of the public believing the lies, omissions and half-truths the politicians are spewing about us, with the help of integrity-challenged media outlets.

Unions have, especially in recent years, been easy targets for the fact-challenged. Without getting into all kinds of details, unions, just like anything else, have good things to offer as well as bad. Everyone talks about the bad things, but do they ever mention the working conditions Big Business and Big Industry are dying to impose if not for organized labor?

2 thoughts on “There is Power in a Union by Philip Dray”

  1. All you have to do is read The Jungle by Upton Sinclaire. And if you believe we as a society have evolved beyond those times, you are sadly misinformed. The labor laws we enjoy are the result of labor fighting for them, particularly unions. Big business employers believe they should not pay you a penny more than they have to. That’s why there’s a federal minimum wage. They’d work you till you drop. That’s why there’s a mandated 40 hour work week. They’d work your children to death. That’s why there’s child labor laws. Think those laws are safe and sound? Just Google the Koch brothers and see what they’re trying to do to the American working class.

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