A different explanation

Code 3 for a traffic accident. In front of a residence.

Car #1 rear-ended Car #2. Not a big wreck. The driver of Car #2 actually lives at this address. Neither driver speaks much English.

No one is claiming injury, for a change, but for some reason that I can’t recall we hang out with the cops, probably just socializing as usual. Eventually the cops decide that Car #2 was at fault because somehow they determine that it was backing out of its driveway when the contact took place.

I don’t know why, but it doesn’t look right to me. I approach the driver of Car #2 and speak to him in his language.

“Who hit who?”

“I was slowing down to turn into the driveway when he hit me from behind.”

That’s a HUGE difference. I’m glad I got nosy and helped him out.

Yup, we’re the advocates for the helpless.

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