Black has nothing to do with it

Code 3 for the assault.

The cops are already there in front of a bar. Apparently two women – one drunk, the other not as drunk – were in a car driving somewhere and they pulled over at a bar for the drunker one to use the restroom. The bar owner, an older Asian woman, let her, even though she wasn’t even a paying customer.

The owner then went to check on the drunk woman after she had been in the bathroom for a quite a while and got punched in the head. Naturally she tried to fend her off and some kind of fight ensued.

The drunk women called 911, alleging they were assaulted. Cops showed up and pooh-poohed their tale. They’re lucky the bar owner didn’t want to press charges.

“They ain’t gonna arrest her ‘cuz we black!”

Shit. Here we go.

They rant and rave about that, even as the bar regulars, pretty much all black folks, look on. All of them look at these two women with silent but visible contempt, presumably for disrupting their neighborhood watering hole, assaulting the bar owner who serves their drinks every day, and – not unlikely in their eyes – also for reflecting poorly on all black folks.

The cops look on. We look on.

“Hey! Do you want to go to the hospital or not?”

Even though there’s really nothing wrong with her.


“Well, get in then.”

And her friend follows us in her car.

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