Don’t fight with the cops

There’s a controversial concept called excited delirium that is supposedly responsible for many in-custody deaths. If you’ve read anything here, you know this is not a write-up on excited delirium.

Anyway, anti-police groups always claim this is a term used to absolve law enforcement officers from brutality. I never claim to be any kind of expert, but because I watch cops restrain a lot of people when I’m working, I know that:

  • Cops really don’t like fighting with anyone, contrary to popular belief. It’s a lot of paperwork. Same reason they don’t like shooting or Tasing anyone, contrary to popular belief. In fact, sometimes I need to beg them to get their hands dirty (as we’re getting ours dirty wrestling some asshole).
  • Cops are way less brutal than they really should be, if you ask me.
  • Cops are only as brutal as the subject’s level of resistance.
  • Restrained subjects who die are usually in some sort of hyperadrenergic state because of stimulant-type substances. Perhaps there’s a problem with positioning. There doesn’t seem to be much of an issue with the potheads or dopeheads.
  • Subjects who are cooperative don’t just drop dead because of excited delirium; no one’s coined the term “mellow delirium” yet.

Here’s an old Chris Rock segment that sums it up:

2 thoughts on “Don’t fight with the cops”

  1. We had a big to-do in Providence a year ago, some illegal immigrant coded and died in custody-well, actually in the back of my rescue. The news people and minority community were screaming for heads because the sister of the deceased claimed he was not give his seizure medication as prescribed. (he was in the clink less than 24 hours)

    There were also allegations that he had “excited delirium,” and was not properly triaged and treated by EMS. (me) As soon as the toxicology report was made public, and the fact that he swallowed a large amount of cocaine prior to his arrest the story conveniently went away.

    Hmm, never got an apology.

  2. What, no apology? I’m shocked, shocked I say! My intuition has been that most, if not all, cases of excited delirium have some drug component. It’s likely the same with people who have been tazed as well, bro’.

    Here’s a novel concept. Don’t fight with the police, especially if you have “asthma” a “heart condition” or a “back injury”. If those are so debilitating that you are on SSI, maybe you shouldn’t be out doing drugs and getting into fights in the middle of the night.

    Just blue skying here.

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