Not important

A basic ED has arranged for an urgent transfer to the trauma center. I start driving my partner and the patient to the trauma center and I’m giving a radio report out of courtesy since it’s all been prearranged anyway; they already know what they’re getting.

“This is the trauma transfer from XXX Hospital. This is a 25-year-old male who was playing soccer when he was kicked once in the right flank. He is complaining of pain on that side, and he has a fracture of the 8th rib and bleeding in…”

“Which side was he kicked?”

“Right side.”

“I’m sorry. Which side?”

“Right side.”

Um… I’m trying to drive, asshole. What the fuck does it matter over the radio which side he got kicked? Is he going to a different room if he got kicked on the left side instead?

3 thoughts on “Not important”

  1. ARRRGGGHHHH! I Love it. You have just inspired a new post, coming as soon as I can get an hour to write it. This kills me every time! You are not alone. This is funny 5 minutes after the job is done, but infuriating when it is happening. Thanks, I really needed something to laugh at tonight. Really.

  2. This sounds like what I get when we head to the city from our little rural ED. I hate it sometimes, but luckily the attending EMT usually calls ahead on a cell phone (locally they don’t use radios for EMS/hospital comms), so I don’t have to do it when driving.

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