Sometimes I remember stuff

A couple of weeks ago…

Code 3 for an allergic reaction. At an outpatient rehab.

Some guy is lying on the hallway floor saying that his whole body is “cramping up” because of his Geodon.

The staff is clearly not impressed and definitely not concerned.

I’d be more inclined to believe him if he didn’t just – like he usually does, according to the staff – threaten the staff that he was going to “cramp up” if they didn’t give him his Benadryl. And then he “cramped up” on cue.

“Get up. We’re not carrying you.”

A couple of days ago…

Code 3 for an overdose. At the same place.

Same guy. He ingested about 40 Geodon 80mg capsules after they discharged him. Typically I forget about calls as soon as I finish the paperwork, unless, naturally, it sticks out for some reason. I mean, seriously, who would want to remember most of this shit?

“Dude, the last time we saw you, didn’t you tell me something about cramping up because of your Geodon?”

“I’m not drinking charcoal.”

“Get up. We’re not carrying you.”

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