Child endangerment

Code 3 for chest pain.

An obese woman in her mid-30s is breast feeding her 2-month-old baby. She is complaining of left upper chest and left arm heaviness.

She doesn’t want to go the hospital because she wants her baby with her at all times. Even though there are 6 other family members here with her who can watch the baby.

Finally we get her to get up off the couch and head to the gurney. She tells her family to bring the baby with them when they meet her at the hospital.

“Just a little info – hospitals are full of sick people and that may not be the best place to bring a 2-month-old, especially during ‘flu season.”

“Then I’m not going to the hospital.”

Fuck you, I’m not writing refusal paperwork for your stupidity. Get on the fucking gurney.

“Fine. Bring the baby to the hospital. You don’t have to do anything I suggest out of concern for your baby.”

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