Dear politicians (again)

Dear politicians,

Election Day reminded me of you once again, unfortunately.

You are nothing but lying sacks of shit.

You do nothing but lie, tell half-truths and omit facts that are inconvenient for you.

You close stations and cut personnel. We warn of increased response times.

You then falsely and shamelessly accuse us of deliberately taking our time to get to calls, even though we are in this line of work because we made it our lives to help those in need. Tones go off, we hit the road. It’s very simple.

We nonetheless work harder to cover the larger gaps that your reductions created so the people who call are not impacted as much, as they are not the ones who should suffer the consequences of your stupidity and intransigence.

You then accuse us of “scare tactics” because you say we apparently can still get to our calls without the potential delays about which we were and are worried, even though we are clearing calls earlier than we should and stretching ourselves as thin as possible just to make things work to cover your cuts.

You want to cut our pay, saying we earn too much. Then you say we don’t live close enough to work, even though many of us can’t afford to live nearby.

You want to cut our pensions, even though you’re not cutting your own.

You want us to contribute more to our retirement, even though you’re not contributing anything to yours.

You want us to give up more of our benefits, even though you’re not doing the same.

You accuse us of being a burden on the budget, even though you spent public money buying office furniture, paying your consultant friends for no good reason and handing out parcels of land for your developer friends.

I hope you choke on their collective dicks.

As I’ve said before, the rank and file of emergency services have NOT in the past, do NOT currently and will NOT in the future make any budgetary decisions at all. You need to put your hands up and take the blame for the budget deficits like the honest and honorable people that you are not.



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