I’m racist

Someone pointed out that I’m racist.

Rather, that in some people’s eyes, I may potentially be considered racist.

When a patient who definitely needs to go to the ED refuses ambulance transport and insists on being driven by a family member or friend, in addition to trying to wear them down and nag them into going with us instead (which, by the way, is a very useful tactic), I almost always try to politely (a) ask if they know how to get to the ED, (b) ask if they can legally drive, (c) ask if their vehicle is working properly, (d) make sure they’re actually comfortable driving this patient to the ED and (e) remind them to drive safely and not to break any traffic laws.

You can ask people a lot of things if you just know how to ask.

Not that I have any power or authority to enforce any laws or stop them from doing anything they’re going to do anyway once I leave.

But I definitely don’t want to see the headline, “Ambulance refuses transport; patient runs red light and kills 100 toddlers. And puppies.”

Sounds reasonable to me.

Except, in an area with a lot of illegal immigrants and therefore a lot of unlicensed and uninsured drivers, my sole interest in their well-being and that of the other people on the road could potentially be taken the wrong way. It had never really occurred to me before.

I definitely don’t care much about anyone’s immigration status. In fact, I find most of the illegal immigrants I come across to be much nicer and far more productive members of society than many of the legal ones.

Not that anyone’s actually been offended up to this point of my working life.

But it’s been pointed out that there is a possibility of that.

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