Protocols: Poking their noses into places they don’t belong

We’re dropping a totally sweet teenager off at the emergency psychiatric facility. She’s been wanting to get mental health services for a long time but her parents refused to allow her to do so.

The staff comes outside to let us in. The girl is about to hop off the gurney to walk in.

“She needs to stay on the gurney. It’s our policy.”

“I can walk.”

“She needs to be wheeled in on the gurney.”

I am not in the mood to be bothered with mindless, ridiculous policies.

“Alright, then are you going to lift her and the gurney and wheel her in?”

<Awkward laughter>

Fuck you and your policy. Our backs are more important than your ridiculous policy, presumably based on liability, as usual. There are only that many lifts in our backs, no matter how good our body mechanics are, and I sure as hell am not wasting a lift on a completely cooperative girl who wants to be here. If she was a problem, she’d be restrained and we’d wheel her in. But this girl is not going to run away. She is not going to start fighting. In fact, I am going to hit you before she does.

In fact, why the hell does your policy require us to lift anything? It’s not even your gurney!

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