Are you a slow learner?

Don’t meet us in the street, shine a bright flashlight into our cab and tell us that your mother is having a “very hard time breathing” if she clearly isn’t in that much distress when we walk into the room. In fact, in little enough distress to ramble on and on and on about her past medical history, including the ED visit yesterday, while dancing around the reason why we’re here tonight.

Yes, it may be an emergency to you, but if you call us every day you should have learned by now that your mother is fine.

One thought on “Are you a slow learner?”

  1. ha I yelled at someone the other day who ran in front of our ambulance while we were still driving w/ lights on. His response “well I wanted to show you where the pt is” As if the 10 other people standing around pointing weren’t enough… lately I have been getting more annoyed w/ family/ bystanders then the patients themselves!

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