Disabled person dissed

Code 2 for a lift assist. On a bus.

Having ridden a lot of buses in many different countries, traveling by bus around here has got to be the most inefficient way to get around, if you consider only just how many people have some kind of issue on buses. For instance, it seems like every hour there’s somebody having a seizure on the bus. Or a drunk guy who falls down. Or someone assaults the driver. The bus goes out of service and you have to get off and wait for another bus.

Anyway, I digress.

A very obese woman in a wide electric wheelchair is stuck trying to drive off the wheelchair ramp to get off the bus because a wheel is caught against a lip on the floor.

She is crying.

Apparently, that is because the other passengers talked a bunch of shit to her because they were inconvenienced.


2 thoughts on “Disabled person dissed”

  1. People can be such pricks! It definitely makes more sense to sit there and talk shit than it does to be a decent human being and help the woman! No, instead ,they will be inconvenienced longer while they wait for resources that they are tying up needlessly while the woman gets more and more humiliated and scared by the minute. Fuckers.

  2. I had to use an electric wheelchair for a week while on a trip to Disney due to recent surgery. All I can say is watch how the tables turn when you’re on the other side of the fence. I was “handicapped” for 5 days and watched how other people made me feel horrible because I got to get on the bus first, they had to put up the handicapped area seats to strap the chair down, which inconvenienced people because they didn’t have a place to sit during the 10 minute ride. Even the bus driver made it noticeable that I was an inconvenience for him because he had to get out of his chair.

    That was 5 days. I can’t imagine having to be in one for my life. It brings you to a new level after a personal experience.

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